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Induction kit


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Right then,


Ive just bought a green filters induction kit for my 1.6 Si, ive tried to fit it but the filter seems way to big for the intake pipe. Could it ne that ive been sent one for a 1.8? would there be a difference? The instructions say its for a 1.6 zetec but the diagrams they use are for an EFI.

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no difference


yes there is a difference..


whats your reg number as i had a t reg 1.6 and it wouldnt fit the old style n reg 1.6 airbox


from p,r,s,t,v,w in 1.6 are different size intake pipes... all ones before then and all the 1.8s where the same :thumb:

Mines an R reg. So would this be different to an R reg 1.8 zetec?

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