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Breaking FRST engined Mk5 escort.... SOLD


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This is a warm up thread to try and guage the interest for parts off my RS. :(


Parts avail :-



FRST Efi Engine ~ rebuilt in 1998, comes with T3 Hybrid Turbo in excelent cond!


Gearbox ~ No LSD fitted ~ reconditioned 01/12/2004


Ecu+loom (ofac) ~ Superchipped


Fuel tank and pump ~ cossie uprated pump


Engine mounts, driveshafts etc all avail...


Im not sure on whether i want to break the whole car, but if there is enuf interest then i will.

The engine etc is all in the car and can be heard running, like i said, this is thread is just to see how much interest before taking anything out.





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