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next time i go thats what im gonna sit and write down cos i always get asked that question lol


a punto with 3 10/12? inch subs got 149db got knocked out by a fezzie with i think 150db dunno what it had ice wise.


errrr the burgundy cossie thats there got 155.8db against a volvo by www.eastcoastchoons.co.uk which got 148db but i think there was some speculation about this though.


Hmmm there was a very standard lookin pug 106 which had a stroker in it but i werent there to see what db readin it got though :(

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Hmm not to sure if they have hit that high, altho i know they have done 162 :)


The 106 was Gordons, he had done 155 with that strocker, he has now changed to a single DD 9915 with 4 Viper 2500d powering, so 10.000wrms on a single sub ! but he rolled his car so a new project soon ;)


That cossy is'nt a coosy, its a V6 ;) that has had over 160 IIRC.


Wish i was old enougth to drive dammit! i have hit 146.9 on my first go, as in my sig, but am leaving SPL now 8)

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