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I have a 98 plate 3dr GTi, it already has a scorpion exhaust and looks like a power boost valve. Im planning on getting and induction kit but im unsure which to get. I had a 57i on my RST but thought it was pants so i swapped it for a quickshift. Are these any good on the GTis?


Also my mate has a new model Saxo VTR with a superchip, its about the same as my gti in acceleration but i don't want some french tin keeping up with me! How much extra power would a superchip give me?


Cheers for any responses

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alright mate ive got 157 bhp out of my gti have a look at my tech spec

and my car has done 137000 miles one owner from new which is me,i have had it 5 years this may coming


i`ve looked at your spec........... how you got 157bhp??? you got a power chart????

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