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Anyone know any good bodyshops?


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Is a little way out of Kent but I got a good deal from a place called P&M Body Repairs in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. I got quoted over £700 to have side skirts and spoiler sprayed and fitted at Colourworks, so I rang this guy and he did it all, and fixed front bumper damage for £400! and the quality of work was amazing. If you are interested I can find a phone number for you. :D
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goto one with a good reputation mate, i made the mistake of not going to one that was well known, to save a few £££ but it turned out i could have got it cheaper, from a better bodyshop, and i wouldn't have to pay more £££ to get my motor fixed correct....


all my paint job is fucked, its going back in to get re-done

overspray in every wheel arche

overspray on my dash

scuttle panel clips lost and replaced with tapper screws

all rubbers on the front of the car lost

door rubbers lost

they fucked the fitament of my bonnet and shaved off a bad-boy brow, shaved the metal complete off and replaced it with fibreglass, 3 days later it all cracked and there not claiming responsibiltie saying they told me it was a Pee poor made bonnet, but ford made the bonnet? and another established company whos known for geting front page features done the bad-boys...they just didn't bend the metal bar behind the headlights to push them back further....

welding on tailgate has started to rust in the inside.

alot of rubbers wasn't removed and also got masking tape lines on some rubbers

dents all over the roof and n/s and o/s 1/4 panel done by a sanding machine, little circular dents with the same radius that proves it was a machine...


basicially they fucked my car up, a professional company who wasn't known....its not nice mate, so be sure you make the right decision....

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Its a little out the way, but in Herts theres a garage called BodyCraft.


Got his: (Obvisouly he supplied by parts)


GTI side skirts painted and fitted

GTI Extensons Painted and fitted

GTI Spoiler Painted and Fitted

Black side trim painted

Morrette Headlights Painted and fitted

Big dent knocked out sanded down and painted on the wing


All top-notch work for just... wait for it... £630.



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