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taking seats out?


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im in the process if taking my seats out (on my passenger seat atm) so its easy for me to run my sound system wires......ive took 4 bolts out, 2 at the front of the rails, and 2 at the back on the rails, theres still one bolt holding it on near the back (not the one underneath the carpet, had to cut my carpet to get to it :( ) the only one i can see is a medium sized square bolt on the seatbelt unit, i dont know if thats it or not, i dont wanna take it off to find out hehe...can anyone confirm that for us. Edited by Pelles
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yeah i took my seats out and had sh*te loads of problems, everything that could go wrong.....DID!


there is 2 at the front, and from wot i remember, 2 each side on the rear. ul need like a thin 10mm socket (i think) and then ratchet (spelling) onto that, and will come out.


**WARNING - Unsrew these things slowly as 4/6 bolt sheered off as i woz unscrewing them, then had to take the car to the bloody garage to have the thread drilled out - best part of £70 ;( ;( **

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