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Wam Cruise report pics


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Cruise pics that came out..

took 200 these were the best ones.

wam cruise pics

still dont know wtf wam means , worthing annual meet?

worthing arse munch,

who knows who cares it was a good cruise anyhows...


the cops pulled me at clacket lane and threatened to remove my MOT for not having any rear reflectors, i got away with being followed to the texaco garage and buying some reflectors

By the time the copper had finished his lecture and car inspection the fat piggy had made us late for the leaving time and the 5 cars i had with me where all waiting,

The coppers left when a FRST came speeding past thru clackets at 100mph +

so that was our que to get going.

the drive round to the other side of clackets was long and boring but by the time we got there we were amongst 200 cars in a mass convoy on the m25, we all went down the m23 and people kept ovetrtaking, at one point i was actually leading a long que of cars and i had no idea where to go, we waved cars past and took snaps of them as they came by.

well anyway after getting to brighton we had all spread out and someone in our group had managed to get to the meeting point at the b&q in worthing

we went there and met up with T9BY G and Damien

checked out there cars and walked around a bit :P

the police came and just sat near the entrance and watched, no one did anything stupid so they had no reason to come and ruin the fun...

after 3 or 4 hours we left and i burnt some rubber up the m23, got a bit lost and ended up going round a roundabout 3 times, and this set back meant we got an opportunity to overtake damien and TobyG :)

anyway we stopped for a mcdonalds at gatwaick and went home. The End


:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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