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firstly i was going to take all the seats out, and run the wires completely under the carpet, phonos and remote wire down the drivers side, and power cable down the passenger side....but the seats on the escort are a complete b*stard to get out....i got all bolts off except one, it was directly under neath the rails, and under the carpet, only thing i could reach it with was a small 10mm spanner....i put soo much force into trying to turn it, i think i fucked the bolt....the spanner doesn't catch on it no more....so guess ill need the thread drilled out if i want my seats replaced i also fucked the rachet up trying to get other bolts off, so there went that idea, could only get the seats bolted half on, so if i hit something, ive got a neat ejection system :))


secondly i was going to try and run it down the side of the car, the plastic inner body (forget what you call them, is it the inner sills?)

so i got all the screws off from that, and the thing just wouldn't budge, there was nothing holding it down, only explanation i could think of was ford had glued it down too, i got screw drivers under it, tried to force it up, but if i tried any harder i would have cracked it, is there a special way i can get this off?? or any other way yous can suggest to running the wires, my power cable is really chunky, probably 15mm to 20mm's thick.


Also, what part in the passenger side will i need to remove to get to the rubber stopper thingy that all wires go thru to the engine bay? will i need to jack the motor up, take the wheel off, and the inner plastic arche surround?

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hi m8, i did a bit of a diy jobbie, managed to run the power and remote down the passenger side as my cd changer wires were already there, so made it pretty easy.


as with the phono's i ended up runing them down the centre console, by the handbreak and into the boot that way.


im sure every1 else would have took the seats out and done it properly, but as like u pelles, i couldnt get the seats out.


as for them plastic inner sills, i think they are like clipped in, and should just pop off, but dont quote me on that!!! :devil:

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