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Please can somebody...


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On the top pic, could I have the boot stip colourcoded, and an oval back box box on there.


And on the second pic, could I have smoked reps, and smoked/tinted headlights and lowered 40m ish?


And if i could push it and ask for the second pic, with its normal colour wheels, and then some darker ones??


pweeeeese :innocent:








Thank you in advance :))



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awwww thanks guys your great.


Not sure on the wheels? maybe white would look better i dunno. I like the reps and the lights though!!


And.....i'm loving a rust free motor! :roll:


The boot strip is a massive improvement and is getting done pronto.


Thanks evr so much :))


I have got a boot strip - if you want to get it painted before changing it over

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