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cosworth 16 inch 8J fitment


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SO will Cosworth 16inch 8j with 225 40 16 tyres fit under a normal escort MK5 body and pas the MOT? i hope so lol! its not lowered but will be by 25mm soon. not to low as i am 36!!!


So far 1 Escort mk5b stripped out and this is an immaculate example as its been in a underground garage with bust timing belt for two years!

all my mk5a xr3i body kit and interior fitted apart from front seats sub frame! just waiting for body shop to do the rear light clusters with the cut outs from my xr3i


rs2000 bonnet rs 2000 front brakes, rear beam and side skirts on route from JDMotorsports 400 squid.


powder coated front subframe done and fitted with 2ltr Mondeo engine and MTX75 gearbox and will be running on DEEP ecu but its still in tool locker!


But i have to go to Iraq next sat so everything on hold for a few months!!!




But full respray when i return!!!


then i will be spending a couple of k on respray in full glorious pillar-box red and then full stainless exhaust from Zetec back then of for nice set of throttle bodies! with ECU hence no ecu done yet.


oh to be 36 and nothing better to do in your time!!!

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