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can any one advise me


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The time has come for me to get a first (sensible) car. I am 17 so obviously have no NCB i am a student but work in retail also. I would idealy Love a mk5 escort but seem to be getting stupidly high quotes of £3000 which i am pretty sure is over priced for a 1.4 escort!


The cheapest i have managed to get insurance is with endsleigh on a 1.1 fiesta at £1200 but that quote has now exspiered and i dont particualy want a fezza.


The car will always be garaged in a not so bad area (cant remember the risk code now) and i have a cat1 alarm and imobiliser from a previous car which would be fitted.


The best places i have found so far are tescos, endsleigh and CIS but can any one advise me on where to go and how to lower my insurance.


i dont want to be paying 3K on a 1.4 escort!

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