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If anyone is looking for new Insurance I have a company that gave me a F***ing excellent deal so thought I would share. I used to be insured with AXA through direct line.Once I had done the Mod's to my car I gave them a call my insurance was 760 fully comp. They told me they would accept the 17' wheels but could no longer insure me because of the body kit and exhust. :jaw:


I gave HIC ( 08451 290 290 ) a call spoke to this excellent bloke that actually knew what I was talking about when I listed the mods and they came back with a quote of 360 fully comp and an agreed value to the car. If I have a claim they will replace like for like as the car has been modded and I am insured for track days but no competions. My excess was increased by 100 but with 400 saving i'm not too worried about that. I did put a 3000 mile limit on the car but then as I only get to use it 12 weeks a year that should be enough. 8)


So if you Insurance companie is killing you cause your mods no harm in trying them see what they say. :thumb:

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