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Right, I'm selling "blue salon" a full interior and was supposed to be doing the deal on sunday at ford fair, But due to the lads boss being a total AR$E he's not able to go to ford fair anymore but still REALLY wants this interior.


Not this is where the helpful evo members come in :D I'm looking for someone who's from or around the essex area to collect this interior from me this sunday at ford fair and meet up with blue salon (Ben) on the way home to drop it off.


I'm sure Ben would make it worth your while as it saves him travelling the 300+ miles up to sunderland the following week to collect the interior.


Come on EVO help Ben out here ;)

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Unfortunately my car will be full of crap anyway, if I had the old car id have given it a go.




Someone with an estate might help :hint:

Will see how much room i have after ford fair with all my goodys


and my goodie :D

Yeah yeah aint forgot you getting it sat morning



Just a lil reminder :) :innocent:

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Yeah thanks people you've all been REALLY helpful but SUPER STAR MEEKSTA is gonna help us out ;) Just goes to show how good a community this really is, 30-40 mins ago Poor Ben found out he couldnt go to FF and was gonna miss out on his interior, after a quick rally round all is sorted thanks to members that are willing to help a fellow EVOer :D



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