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my history so far


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my car history so far


after 2 years of mopeds i decided i needed 4 wheeles


1st was a green citroen ax, before i get slaged never made the road lol


2nd my white xsara bought as a cat c repairable




sold that for £900 yes £900 couldnt beleive it.


then got the newer shape xsara








had this for 5 months then crashed it a year to the day i passed my test kinda freaked me out lol just spent £300 geting a clutch in the b####rd 2 weeks before.

never new crashing a car would cost so much money, the crash cleaned me out so my mate sold me a corsa b for £250.


4th was a red corsa b the worst car in the world, leaked oil, water, never nown a car that eats fan belts nealy 1 evry 2 weeks.





then scraped the corsa and got my first escort. best thing i ever bought




not the best of scorts but i think it is great the best car i have owned never had a problem yet , fords for me now.

bit ov advice never buy a citroen lol

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Never had a shitreon before... dnt plan on gettin one either lol. had a couple run ins with vauxhalls anol. not good lol. Decent escort ther mate, could do wif colour coding the bump strip and stickin a cheeky wee spoiler on tho :thumb:


Mind my saxo.... it was a banger :D:D

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i prefer the old shape xsara for some reason lol. not a fan of the wheels bu like the new escort :)


only driven one corse (same shape) and that was the 1.5 diesel wit no power steering. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! no room for your feet so i was pressing two pedals at once, was like steering a tank to. got it to wheelspin tho lol

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