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Everyone else was doing one, so I thought I would


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Passed my test in January I think.



Had the first one, before then, intended to learn in it, it went in for MOT, moments later decided to scrap it.


Was well sad though, I made a video with sad music about its end. Loved it to bits, realised recently it had loads of cool shiznay on it worth money that the scrappers gained. It featured a Shiney momo gear knob (which I couldnt remove), A CD changer, GTI Steering wheel, White clocks, uprated speakers, Those awesome escort seats that the base tilts and a few other bits and bobs.







Next was Reddy, 1.6 serenade in pepper red, the red one, the one in my old sig. Well the sig thats still there, but its old.


The exhaust was off a 205gti, so sounded pretty good imo, wasnt too loud. Nice throaty sound. The front bumper was a fogged one near the end. As I did a 3 point turn in a country lane, but went a bit too far forward.








Next is Whitey,the 1991 1.4 LX famous for being incredibly like that Hilux of topgear, this car has been through so much, but still keeps pulling.



(Borrowed from star-escort, cheers)



Her in a ditch




My newist addition is Blacky. 1.7 GTi with no sunroof (For me, hard to find.)

Lots of plans for it, wait and see.


It had wicked black ford badges that I've never seen before on it.









There we are so far, have fun

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