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Rear Leccy Windows?


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Do any of the MK6 Escorts come with rear electric windows? Asked a few places and none knew. Also did all the Ghia's come with leather? Looking for a project in the next few months (Prefurably a MK6 Ghia 1.6 Hatch) and need to know how widly avalible the GTi kit is? Proberly going to be my first car. (Im 16 in December so got pleanty of time)
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Rear eletric windows are rare! I've heard and seen pics of a GTi with them :innocent:


Well has a little play about on money supermarket at insurance and well ...


Third Party, Fire and Theft Quin Direct want £1201.01


Full Comp... with the AA for £1068 or if im a member £1013.


Anyone see any sense in that?


Thats cheaper than me! first escort I paid £1200 for, a few years ago!

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