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rs2000 4x4


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hi all just a quick question and some advice needed


i have a petrol blue rs2k 4x4 n reg 100k mint apart from rear arches (normal rust)


and a red mk6 4x4 bit tatty needs full respray


i dont need to use them and have the room to store them is it worth

me putting them to one side for a few years and get them fully restored


will these cars be worth much money say 5 to 10 years time


how many 4x4 mk6s are left

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Sell em now or store them but maintain the condition (ie/stop the rust now (maybe cut the arches off and treat the bare metal remaining and leave them like that in the lock-up. In 10 years a decent RS2k 4x4 will be worth something but not much....and in 10 years...i honesty dont expect petrol powered cars to be a common sight on the road
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I agree with craig ,as it does pay to store cars if you have the space ,but the rust must be stopped first or you will come back to a pile of rust , I made £3k on my RS1600i by storing it for a few years and £4.5k on my capri which I have owned for ever Edited by 1pukkadeal
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