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has the way insurance is calculated,


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My brother passed his test yesterday


he's 17 and he's got a 1988 Fiesta 1.4S (i know faster than mine) but he's been trying to get insured with my dad as the named driver and him as an additional, however the companies are saying that it now goes the youngest driver first?? ?(


just done a quote on DirectLine with my Dad as the first driver and got £500ish but my bros gotta pay £2000ish :jaw:

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i am under my dad on my escort 95 si 1.6. and i am only paying £574! fully comp. norwich union!!




:O cost me more than that for a 1.4 TPFT with one years no claims :O


We should have some sort of demonstration like they did about tax where everyone refused to buy it. This is definately a system on a very corrupt curve.


Where 2 people living one mile apart can get a quote, from the same company, same car, same everything (except location) and one gets a quote of £1300 and the other gets £3000

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