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few mods


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Very nice m8 :thumb:


A couple of questions for you..

1. How and with what did you cover the centre panel and the pocket of the door card?

2. How did you take apart the door card i.e. the centre panel, door handle and pocket and then put them back together?


i covered it with bass box felt stuff, but u can use anything as long as it will stretch a bit so it goes round the contours of the centre panel

its easy to do, flack did a description but i did it a bit easier , but my door card was a different, i didn't have any standard trim on my lower pocket.


took off the door panel (obviously)

removed door pull by cutting off the 4 little plastic bits holding the plastic strip on, when re-assembling this i glued it back, see pic




the door pull was then removed.

i re-covered over the standard trim (so no need to remove the old stuff unless u want to spend hours ripping it off.)

masked off all the door card leaving just the centre panel and lower pocket exposed

offered the new material up to the door card and cut round the bits to be re-covered leaving a good few inches extra for trimming ( the more the better ). with the pocket i just added a inch onto the top edge so it could be folded over.

then i spayed the centre section with spray adhesive and stuck down the felt, pulling it round the contours ensuring it didn't crease and pushing the edges into the recess with a screwdriver.

i did the same with the lower pocket

gave it a few mins then took off the masking tape and trimmed the felt with a sharp knife (cutting into the recess on the centre panel making sure i didn't cut through it !.)

job done ! just gave the door card a good clean ready to be put on when i get my leccy windows sorted.

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Cheers m8


Christ it must have taken you bloody ages to do all 4 door cards 8o

They look like a factory job :thumb:


Goin to see if I can get hold of some good quality material to do mine. I don't think I'd do the pockets cos mine are scuffed from when I'm getting out of the car so they'd be filthy after about a week :))

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