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Car wants to drive itself


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I bought my car a couple of weeks ago. I was told the ICV need sorting cos when the engine's cold it keeps cutting out. But over the past few days when i slightly rev the car at 1000-1400rpm then let go off the accelerator the car pulls forward like I'm still pressing the accelerator. Could this be due to the ICV needing sorting?? Not got a clue what else it could be cos I've never had this problem before. Any help would be greatly appreciated cos it's feeling pretty dangerous especially when trying to slow for a corner.
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I had the same problem.


Have you got the 1.4SPI?


I had a little red sensor that was my ICV, it wasnt even attatched and didnt move when the car accelerated.

Check that, also make sure the wires are ok.


The little red sensor is the TPS - your car doesn't have an ICV


My bad, thats what I meant! :P

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