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Colchester Tesco 15.00


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Im in colchester alot of the time, havent been up that way in a good couple weeks though. I always used to be over there visiting mates in my rs turbo or my red gti when i had it, altho gti now gone and i have black si instead but that car hasnt been over there with me much. i'll keep an eye out for u all mind u and maybe we could have a mini meet one weekend or evening when the lighter evenings arrive.
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It's the same car I saw in Romford market place last week. Drove out as I came in. I asked whose it was on here but no one owned up to it.


Who'd own up when they've been caught parking that badly? :roll:


Those wheels look like Mikes (RS200016v's) old ones, so I'd suggest he'll know who's it is!

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Not my car but i'm only up the road as well. So must be a few of us :D


Do you drive to Clacton early on week day mornings? If so I used to see you all the time.


I did yer. Stopped in August as i changed job location



Yeah saw you all the time last summer when I lived in Clacton. Always saw you going the other way on the bypass when I worked at TBS

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