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Vauxhall astra problem (cd player) escortforumtotherescue!

fresh dfm

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My mate has a mk4 astra, his aftermarket cd player was working then all of a sudden stopped, he has checked the fuses they are fine and tried another cd player which aslo didnt work however the standard cd player works when he put it back in but rather than the power turn off with the ignition he now has to switch it off manually so dosent have a clue whats happened.


Its been sujjested that the ignition barrel could be faulty but perrys vauxhall said it could be a programmable feature on the standard cd player possibly needing an adapter for a new cd player??


any ideas how to help? he suspects they are bull shi**ing him though to get rid of him because his gaurentee is nearly up....


all astra forums are proving to be useless so thought someone could be of help from the trusty ford side!

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