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updated pics of projectrs2k


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long time in commin but nearly ready to take to the vosa for its vic check and mot


basically now it has the sideskirts and spats



aswell with mondeo 16"alloys and stainless steel exhaust



fitted with gti interior for now




and also a laguna splitter



with big thanks to mr matty for helping and been patient with it sat on his drive :thumb: :thumb:

and heavyrightfoot for suppling pretty much all of the parts :thumb: :thumb:


with out these two it would still be as it was when i first got it


also big thanks to lordjc for selling me the rs steering wheel :thumb:


next up is of course the vic check and mot hopefully it will pass both


as for mods already aquired some digi dials and super chipfor ecu and decat pipe


these are next on the list to buy

lower supension by 40mm

rear disc conversion

rs interior

cossie popout rear windows

mondeo 2.0 16v engine

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how longs it been there phil, it wern't there when matty fitted my skirts on my silver scort


did the old blue shell go then?


it was at my house then coz matty gained a red scort that we broke


the blue shell has now gone


Looks good mate, what interior do u want for it after the gti one then? Also, i may be interested i buying your gti interior if u did sell it one day in near future, it looks in good condition.


i will bear that in mind mike


its not the very best out there (needing new door cards but will have replacements soon enough) i am after the mk6 recaro interior when i can find one thats not too far away



thats come along reli well, lokks great.. :thumb:


just needs a damn good valet now then a t-cut and polish

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