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1.6 zetec escort


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hey people, im new here as ive just baught my first escort

I do have a little background for you all, my names Lewis(call me lew) im 17, born 05-02-1992 and passed my test on 18-02-2009(due to dad) and as my first car i had a punto, which i hated dearly and blew up in 4days... then i had to wait a week, got a peugoet 106 of my mates grandad for free, then put it in a ditch 3days later - so not had much luck, But then I saw this escort and absolutely fell in love with it, I picked it up this evening for £600 of this little old man that lives a mile away from me, the car has 3previous owners, 87k miles, full service && mot history, original handbook and original log book registering thing and a few recipts on work done to the car!! shes a beast!!

Heres some pictures of her,






Yeah, I do have some plans for it including 3-4" exhaust, 40mm-60mm lowered, some dynamic 100+ alloys and some other subtle mods,

But before mods come, the debts from paying £2200 for insurance will have to be cleared!!!

But they will be soon :)

thanks for your time,


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Looks bloody smart mate, a nice find there, look after this one and dont be tempted to rush around in it, it'll be quicker than ya previous cars and could catch u out. But hey, dont wana sound like ya parents, it looks realy nice condition, and the plans u have for it sound perfect mate.
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