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Well Here It Is


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Well i paid £600 for her a month ago.

She had 68,000 on the clock with a new MoT.

The mileage is original as per paperwork.

Usual Escort rust and she reeves a little when ideal (but im told easy and cheap fix by mechanic friend)


Things Done In Past Month



-Pinned Striped Rear Lights

-Put Tinted Side Repeaters On

-Put New Number Plates On

-Touched Up Scratches

-Added Mud Flaps

-Added Chicane Badge



-Put Leather Seats and Door Cards In

-Put Leather Gear Knob In

-Put Proper Ford Mats In

-Put Proper Ford CD Player In


To Be Done

-Black Angel Eye Head Lights (Just Brought)

-Laguna Vented Splitter (Needed)

-Push Dent Out on Passenger Door

-Either Spray Alloys Black or Buy New Ones (Undecided)

-Tint Windows Very Lightly (Undecided)


She also had a full service and £250 worth of after work.

Also a spare new key cut and the door locks changed.


I look back and realise I have spent silly money on her.

And I think to myself that I could have brought a slightly better car with the money I have spent on her.

And then I realise, it’s a Ford Escort thing – and I remember why I do it.

And i end up back on Evo weighing up what to do next.


I would just like to thank Evo for being patient with me.

I came on here in a flap, with a car that i was not sure i wanted, and with no knowledge of escorts or ford.

You have all been great and i have met some real nice people on here already.



What do you all think so far?





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not bad, look clean and tidy


not sure if you will get a splitter on the non fogged bumper as there is no lip on the bottom of it

i had a splitter on my non fogged bumper :P


car looks tidy, reminds me of mine before the mini mod bug kicked in :pancake:


oh my bad, gonzo0s had no lip on his one to fit the splitter on, another daft ford thing i guess :(

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I like being in the company who have done exactly what we have done.


And do you know what, i get a weird satisfaction from turning something that could have been someone's old-banger/run around to a nice presentable car that can be looked after and enjoyed longer.


Okay a bit too much waffling there lol


You know what im getting at.

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Well i picked up a bargain set of immeculate alloys for £50

Also stuck some top notch new break pads on the front.




Things Left To Do In Order

1) Black Angel Eyes

2) Lower by 30mm

3) Laguna Vented Splitter


Still Debating

-Tinting Windows

-Skirts and Spats

-Adding Evo Stickers

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  • 5 weeks later...

Will have some updates shortly.

I had a little accident so had to replace the rear bumper and redo the rear lights.


So in the process I did a better job on the pin-stripes and also replaced the dented door with a whole new one.


Also have a laguna sunglasses holder in there now, putting a second on the passenger side soon.

As well as colour coded wing mirrors and a leather steering wheel to go on when they arrive.


Only thing left to do is get some colour coded bump stripes and handles.

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