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Few bits.


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Turbo crossover pipe...Black with the word "TURBO" in red letters on top. I used it to come outof my big silver EFIthingonthe back on the engine. Looks LOADS better than a normal plastic one.... £30 posted


Fog light blanking plates. £10 posted for the pair


Dark Aubergine colour coded handels £5 posted for 2


Honeycomb grill with badge... £offers


Autoleads inline fuse holder (the clear perspect one) £7 posted


Sony stereo connector for an escort (dont know if its complete) hence £3 posted


White Ghia dash clock x 2 £6 (each) posted


Ghia walnut fronted tape stereo £15 posted.


May have more bits but not sure till i look arround...


Pics on request....


All proceeds will be going towards having my front bumper sprayed so it will all be used well ;)

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£8 posted fog light blanks?


£9 and there yours.


Chris, do you still have that headunit I sold you mate?


Currently in my missus' car m8. Sorry.



Autoleads inline fuse holder (the clear perspect one) £7 posted






Nicked the pic of ebay... its exactly the same but without the red cable bits in the end.


I think i have 2 actually...


do 2 for tenner posted mate?


If i can find the second one then £12 for 2 posted. :D

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