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my boot popper doesnt work!!!!!!!!&#33


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i got mk6 escort 1998 and the boot popper doesnt pop the boot.

ive had a go at sorting it but it just wont pop the latch even though the latch is not at all siezed.

it works with the boot open but doesnt sound very powerful like my last one did, but as soon as the boots closed it try's to pop it but hasnt got enough power.

do the soleniods go weak with age?

all wires seem great

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i didnt think the popper could work with the boot open, dont they operate off the multi pins?

no they work with boot open, think pins is for wiper and heated window


have you taken the switch out, the one by the window switch? and looked at the pins on the plug at the back? as these often bend or screw up!

yeah i have checked them and they all fine

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