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advise needed


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i have a 1.6 escort in panther black with full gti body kit (love him to bits )

engine decided to go bang pretty sure its foooooked


i have allready had an escort before this which i had a new 1.6 engine installled costing 380 for everythink inc new clutch

how easy is it to wack a 1.8 in also is there 2 types of 1.8 what i mean by this is is the gti a different engine or just a 1.8 with a body kit ?


also how easy is it to carry out conversion as i am ok with tools

also last qusition would it be a big increase of power fvrom a 1.6 16v to a 1.8 16v (anythink i should do to the car whilst engine is out ::) thanks for reading hope you can help :)

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