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Testing the water...


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Im thinking of selling one of my Media centre PC's and just want to see if anyone would be interested in buying it.


The specs off the top of my head are:


Pentium 4 processor

1Gb 667Mhz Corasir RAM

DVD Re-writer

Shuttle Case

Asus mobo w/ onboard graphics (VGA/S-Video out)


ill get some pictures tonight of it, but its pretty similar looking to this, but obviously with a DVD rewriter in the top bay...




I also have a Hauppauge external TV card (usb) that i will chuck in. ive never used it as i have a tv server in the house and use that to watch TV, but i will test the card tonight to make sure it works.


Its currently running XP Pro SP3, and has an open source Media Centre software front end (which ive got set to automatically boot up when you turn the pc on) that handles all your media. It pretty much looks like this and is a very nice piece of software for the job (you can find out more about it here if you want):








Note that i dont have a remote control for it, but you can pick these up with an IR receiver for around £20, so you wont have to use the keyboard to navigate your way around.


Im looking for offers in the region of £150, but like i say im just testing the water at the minute.


any questions, just ask. :cheers:

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