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Painting/Cleaning calipers


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Right I'm doing a 300mm conversion and after getting the calipers, I need to clean and paint them. Went at them today with the karcher, a wire brush and some sandpaper but they are still filthy. Any tips on how to clean them best?? im going to try some APC and will it be any good soaking them in hot soapy water (if so should I cover anything up?) Thanks
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When i did mine i de greased them, then wire brushed then painted with 5 or so coats of hammerite


On the mondeo



1st coat of paint



Runny :S



Then a few more coats 5 i think






Now behind my wheels :)




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hicksy yours look good, i did mine withbrake cleaner and wire brush then silver hammerite only did two coats but still looked good on my fez heres a pic,


however £60 powdercoated ansd shotblasted is a cheap price for level of quality and easier lol

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Mine were in quite a bad state. The build-up of solid brake dust was about 3-4mm thick and wire brushing never even broke the surface. Had to use a stone grinder attatchment to go back to bare metal all over. The insides were the worst parts, where the pads sit.

Do as nick_ov suggests and replace all seals if in any doubt.

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