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virgin internet users having probs tonight?


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downloading at 997Kbs right now........ so i'd say no lol


check their status page - maybe a local problem or you've just been caught by their shitty throttling of bandwidth


sorry mis read. constantly online - ring them up.


when it was telewest/blueyonder...... i had CONNECTION problems twice in 7 years. since virgin have taken over...... father is texting me a couple times a month saying hes lost all connectivity and has to jus turn off and try the next morning.

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yeah ive had the same problem with mine & done all the "normal" stuff like unplug & reset so it might be certain areas but they are comming round next week to put us a modem in as we have upgraded to more broad band & they have told us that it wont work if it runs through the tv box but when we first got it they advised us to run it through the box as the have had problems with the modems ???? & to make me laugh the old box we had didnt support broadband !!!! so ive not really been impressed with it all since virgin took over
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I had an issue with my Virgin Media the other day got told just to reboot every ect, which i already done but i then got through to there IT support and they told me there are replacing there Fibre optic backbone around the country , so that's why we all keep getting "loss of internet" :P
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