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LG Viewty


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Hack it to accept custom themes.

Mines running a tocco theme atm but can switch it to i phone at the flick of a switch.





amazing camera 5 megapixels and a true auto focus, just like a real digital camera & proper flash.

div x out of the box so perfect wide screen movies, mp3 player similar to i phone.

Drag and drop due to mass storage option for easy transfer just like you have a memory stick.

Have a look here for some fun stuff you can do to it.


Takes up to 2gig mem card but can fit bigger with a neat trick (ill tell you if you need it, i have 4 gig in mine atm)

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With your little secret about expanding its Memory capacity, unless thats on the site too :)

Its all on there, the memory is simple, the viewty see's nothing above 2gig, format the 4gig for example card in your pc then fill it up to just over 2 gig and all the files can be seen by the phone plus just under 2 gig spare available.

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cracking phone for its age,I had one for a 18months up until last month. Great phone, I peewee said very misunderstood phone. I have the samsung Pixon now, which is ace!


SAMSUNG PIXON FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D



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