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my new motor


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well this is the escorts replacement, i havent got proper pics yet but here are some. picked it up today and i love it, its pretty nippy and it handles great and it cruises nicely on the motorway. its nice to have a newer motor after owning the escort 5 years.






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Looks great mate, will have to get both our cars together seeing as we both have silver ones now haha


Plus you are shite at taking photos :roll: :P


yeh i cant argue that one. will be up for a photoshoot anytime just let me know.

i cant afford to keep the escort and plus i am bored of it now

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yeh i love it , its a great car , taking a bit of getting used too. its going back to the dealer on monday to have a genuine ford cat fitted due to emission problem. also the engine management light has just come on too, think its cat related as i have done the self diagonostics test and all is ok so think its the sensors on the exhaust but its under warranty still so it will get sorted. am enjoying it now thou , cant wait to get some mods done when the warranty runs out.
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well just a few updates for the ST nothing major just little things

first bit the st170 sticker


smoked indys


private plate (if you dont know what it says there must be something wrong lol)


wind deflectors


st170 brake light cover ( not sure on this yet)


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