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Southend And Essex Meet 29/03/2009

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Probably the best evo meet so far


Arron (Stoney) was at mine for 10:30 am-ish, to pick me and my gf Iryna (Foxie) where i had to go test my new wax and was very pleased


we told Rich (Gonzo0) to be ready for 11:15, we didn't leave till 12:10 due to him still cleaning his car grrrrrrrr lol


journey was ok untill the satnav lost signal under a tunnel and redirected us through london, which made our journey 3 hours long, we arrived at Southend to meet Carlie (Charley), Caz (**Caz**), Finefilly (sorry forgot your name) and her fella at about 2:45 ish


Was late Meeting Matt (Muppje) sorry mate, but then realised i didnt have his number or adress!!! lol but a pm through evo on the gprs net on carlie's mobile phone and we got his number, and he turned up with our rear strut brace, front strut brace, half tints and rs grill, thank you matey


went for a walk around southend sea front, had a play in the arcades, went on the beack and fairground, i lost my shoe on one of the rides lmao but i got it back :D what a great laugh at southend we had


Arron tw*tted some random girl on the head with a foootball we found lmao class!!!


We left sea front to go to Andys (Mutley) and carlie house, where we met andy and Dave (Meekstaaa)


off to the pub where we had the Essex meet then off to mcdonalds


It was a great day all round, Thanks for caz and carlie etc meeting up with us at Southend and making the day such a laugh, essex meet was a great laugh to


Iryna, Arron and finefilly on the rollercoaster






there are tons of brilliant pics, but there on everyone elses cameras! lol

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Thanks for the nice day, was lovely to meet everyone, had a brilliant time, i loved it


thanks for arron to taking me and mike


the fairground was a great laugh, everyone couldn't stop laughing at mike losing his shoe on the ride!


some great pics to come, from caz and carlie


looking forward to meeting everyone again


here is my photo's


























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What an excellent day!!! :D


It was great to meet you all!!


Even though it was a rather chilly day in the end we all still managed to have a brilliant time!


Starting with explaining to mike, iryna, stoney and gonzo.. how to get to a meeting point where we could all fit in lmao!

Then me realising i couldnt turn right into the car park so had to drive down and back up then got stuck at the traffic lights but then as pulling into the space nearly hitting mike with me car! lol :P


Gonzo was here for about 20 mins - half hour before leavin as he had work at 6 and only 21/2 hrs to get back!! He was told to phone in and say his car had broken down but.....he wouldn't! So off he went! lol


After a bit of chattin n photo takin, we found out mike didnt have Muppje's number or address so a bit of searching on Carlie's mobile, getting his number, ringing him from my mobile we eventually arranged for muppje to meet us!

Muppje turns up to empty his boot out to stoney leading to a battle of strut braces between him n mike!! lol :roll:


Then it was time to move down to the seafront! Once we were all parked up we walked down and found the arcades, me and kim(fine filly) decided we were doing the dance mat!!! not before i changed from my boots to Carlie's trainers!! lol


Then me, kim, carlie n tony(essex lot!) joined mike,iryna n stoney(northern lot!) down on the beach. Stoney was skimming stones into the water, and Mike was writing our names in the sand! Then the ball was found which never left us for the rest of the day!!! lol That ball could have got Stoney into a lot of trouble! haha after kicking it straight into the side of some unsuspecting victims head!! haha hilarious..! :roll:


Then it was time to go into adventure island(a mini theme park!) Stoney, Kim n Iryna wanted to go for a ride so off they went leaving mike and tony to carry the bags!! lol photo's to follow!!

Whilst waiting to them all scream,(im sure it was stoney screaming the most!!! :roll:) me and carlie were snapping away at the guys(with the bags and the stage it was ideal for a kodak moment!!)


Then it was time for me n kim to go on a ride after i chickened out on "the claw" we decided to go on some spaceship thing and well lol that was funny....it was all about the cherries eh kim!! haha


After a few more photo opportunities it was time for mike n stoney to go on a ride, the terrapin swings!! haha them two pushing eachother before it startin and mike lost his shoe which nearly hit me! lmao


After mentioning they should join us at our evo essex meet and stoneys reply constantly "ive got 170 miles to drive" I told the others dont worry ill talk him round...my mission for the day!! lol


My mission was soon completed and they all joined us at our meet!! So after stopping by Carlie's to get her car, andy n meeksta it was off to the Haywain, Basildon ....PUB! lol After a lil bit of chattin n lookin at Stoneys engine n hearing his horn it was time for a drink! lol


We were soon seated and havin a laugh and some more kodak moments we decided to go for our slap up meal at...wait for it....Mcdonalds!! lmao After eatin n a bit more chattin it was time for stoney, mike and iryna to make a move! A little while later we all left to head home too....!


What should have been a 20min journey for me ended up bein an hour...lol I should have known better but i went the wrong way on the A127 and ended up 3 miles from Tilbury before i realised! lol so detoured back to Chelmsford and then got stuck on the A12 in traffic....yes traffic at 9pm!! lol the accident was blocking my exit so again had to divert and eventually got home about 20-half past 9!!


But it was an excellent day and great to put names to faces!!!


Roll on the next time we all meet up!!!


(I will add Pictures later when im home....i have about 100!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!) :roll:



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Fair point, i'll be at the next one if i dont have a diary clash, tape or no tape.

And no, duck tape does not rule at all lol


While having all the essex people in here, keep your eyes open for panther black bumpers for me please.

Likewise after anything panther black (skirts/spats/bump stripes/handles etc)

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Fair point, i'll be at the next one if i dont have a diary clash, tape or no tape.

And no, duck tape does not rule at all lol


While having all the essex people in here, keep your eyes open for panther black bumpers for me please.

Likewise after anything panther black (skirts/spats/bump stripes/handles etc)


we have a black back bumper with spats from a mk5b but i have no idea which black it is

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Do you know where Pitsea tesco is?!


If you know know where that is....come off the a13 for the turn off to the tesco, instead of goin all the way round the roundabout and intowards tesco take the second exit! then at the roundabout kinda thingy stay in the right lane come back onyaself and mcdonals is in the same car park as kfc and lidl!!


hope this reminds you!! lol



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