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My Gti Progress Thread


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I went to Hull this weekend to pick her up and take her back to bonnie Scotland :D
















Totally standard (that will change soon), extremely clean, 63k miles :thumb:


Any comments or questions welcome.



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thats really nice and tidy that mate


any plans?


Colour code the handles, locks, bump strip, clear side repaeters, debadged bar good old Fordie badges then paint the black backround white lettering or visa versa, got a set of morettes waiting for painting, a ghia grill, paint them panther black, either get the Gti wheels painted black or get a set of team dynamics or wolfrace black multisokes with the coloured lip, set of weitec coilovers, viper forced air induction, tints, the list goes on...


Swap my ice, gauges and smoked tails from my black Scort.



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i dont see any fog in them pics? lmao only joking, looks a good clean example dont ruin it lol.


Haha, really foggy, just didn't some out in the photos :D


Yea she is really clean, really happy with her, nah I won't, I will keep you updated on my progress :)



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