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Metal Restoration


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Hi guys


was told about this forum, from another guy who said i might be of some intrest to you guys

For a living i do Metal Restoration, ie Mirror Polishing, Shot Blasting & Powder Coating etc

below is a few pics of my work, I have been in the game for over 25 years, im self employed and havent got the overheads as most small tradesman

as i work from home i dont charge the earth either, i set up many years back because many companys dont do much small stuff or one offs, but if they do they charge a fortune.

If any of you guys want help ie just advise on polishing etc i will freely give it and help out as much as my experiance lets me


ST24/200 upper inlet manifold, very rare to see these polished


good old Ford Rocker Cover


regards Rob


ps any advise wanted contact me

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your work looks good in the pics!

Its also good in the real world, not just pics


i am based nr Spilsby, Lincolnshire


thats not far from me! shame i'm not into bling



i have a couple of questions mr polisher!


whats the best way to polish a rocker cover? whats needed and used and how?


and the same again for a set of mk5 rs 2000 alloys! need to remove the lacquer and polish! again,whats needed and how? cheers pal!


please pm me if its easier!

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