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Gauging intrest


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My mk5b. I am going to break and then scrap the car.


The parts that will be sold are:


A Rs rear disc beam.


Only pic i have at the minute.


A set of half tints. Mk6.


Only pic of them at the mo.A set of Spax shocks and springs. Lowers the car 50mm.


A Magnex cat back 4 inch exhaust.


A Rs/Xr3i Front bumper with clear indactors. (sp)



A set of Rs headlights with sidelights. fitted with Xenon blue bulbs. (The bulbs may go in the Vectra, i ain't sure yet.)



If all goes well, the parts will be ready at the weekend. Pm me a offer on anything. But no silly ones. :thumb:

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gonna sell the 5 spokes at all ? if so pm me

There gone mate. :cheers:


How much for the spax susp?? would you courier??

I was thinking £70 posted??


Are they 2bolt top mounts or 3??

2 bolts. They are from a mk5 matey. :cheers:


They also have new top mount bearings.


6speed wiper with relay,

Forgot it had that.....


Which relay might i be looking for? Red one i think??

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