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Scum of society


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I was at work tonight when I got a phone call from a friend asking if I was aware that my front bumper was hanging off.


No one saw anything ... so no reg plate or witnesses.


Phoned the police as I thought nothing could be done apart from put it on record and give me a ref number.


Wish someone had saw it or even if the person was a decent member of society and had left contact details and faced the consequences.


Proper pissed off ... I'm a student in my final year of university trying to better myself and I work hard in a part time job whilst I'm not at University.





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Unfortunately the fact of the matter is that if someone hits another car, and no-one witnessed it, then they are just gonna take off.Check other people's cars, like fellow employees and regular customers. You never know, you might get lucky and catch someone!
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Shite happens when you park in a public place :(


i've got an unpainted bumper you can have if you can come get it


Thanks for the grateful offer, but I don't see it worthwhile to be fixed.


As said I'm just about to finish University so will hopefully get a proper full time job rather soon, as soon as I do so I'll be in the search of a 1.8 or a GTI model.


It happened outside my house pretty much, we know the neighbours and have asked everyone. Unfortunately the majority of people were at work.


It has got to have done some serious damage to their car/van too. Looks like it has been hit by the wing mirror, so hopefully the T*at who hit it has some nice dentage and paint missing up their wing, bumper and even door.


Hope karma comes around to bite the person in their ass too.

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