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as per the rules...




A maximum size of 600 wide by 180 high pixels is allowed. Sigs over this size may be removed without warning.


Here is what a SIG could/should consist of:


A pic of YOUR car(s)

Contact details (email, phone etc)

Web links of interest (other useful sites, links to your for sale items)

'Other' text (non web link big ups, adverts, done and future car mods etc)


NO QUOTES of any type, this is due to many recent events with members/users stiring things up with the clever use of particular sayings/phrases in their sigs, this will now stop.


please could anyone with quotes in thier sigs that could insite an argument, even if they are meant jokingly, remove them.


If anyone adds things back which a moderator has deleted they will recieved an instant 10% warning. A moderator doen not need to explain to everyone their chosen actions.

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