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16 inch alloys...


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im toying with the idea of 16s instead of my 17s as all the tyres on my 17s want replacing and ive put the 14 inch steelies on,altho the car doesnt turn as sharp and grip as well,the overall handling feels better acceleration etc..

so im seeing what 16 inch wheels ppl have about...

not tooo bothered about condition...

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I've got cossie alloys with 4 good matching tyres. STILL not sold thanks to people messing me about.




if u r refuring to me i did tell you from the start it wasent 100% and i was waiting for funds from els where !! i did send you a verry nice pm with a nice big sorry !! and still you refer to me as a time waister ?????????



cheers trig :cheers: matty...could you get some pics fella..and give me a ballpark figure???

where in wakey are you??



eastmoor !! im from batley originally ! :thumb:

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chappers..wish i could afford them mate!!!

jon...you wanna buy my 17s then???

matty..kk mate..like i say gis a ballpark figure with some pics ;) :thumb:

i asked cos i used to deliver round wakey..pubs and resteraunts..did horbury(the bulls head),osset,midgely(the black bull) and one just off the 62..the rowan tree.. ;)

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