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4x4 RS2000 Running Gear


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This is forsale on behalf of an overseas customer.We removed the parts from a 74k Mk6 4x4 and charged over £1200 for whats on the pallet.He is willing to accept £700 as its became far to expensive to ship the items out to malta.Below is whats included


Complete 4x4 Rear End inc brakes all bars,diff etc

Full propshafts

All driveshafts


Transfer Box


Rear Shockers


Basically everything to convert a car to 4wd.Its all wrapped sitting on a pallet and all parts are in excellent working condtion fully tested by myself for 2 weeks before the cars MOT ran out

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Shells are different yes mate


Malta no problem can get quote until monday as my shipping contact is n holidays

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ford made 4x4 mk6 5 doors... and mk5bs for the contimental market, infact there were some mk5 4x4s... but not production models

the front end stuff should all bolt on, just its then a case of sorting the transmission tunnel for the prop and redoing the boot floor to mount the beam / diff to, shouldn't be a huge fab job

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