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ford escort 1.8si hardtop OR1.6 CAB ONLY!


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as it says, ONLY looking at 1.8si hard top OR a 1.6 cab.


dont want a gti as the insurance is higher and anything over a 1.6 cab i think il be in the same boat


needs to be good nick and nothing if poss over 90,000 miles :) havnt got much to spend so max of around 600ish :)


mods are welcome (depending what they are) pref a mk6 but not that bothered :)


so WHY!!!


im in the derby area and dont wanna travel TO far :)

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i got a mk2 golf in a nice purple colour nicely done up, its a gti now with a 179bhp engine in it, very quick, sugar its more than a 1k and its a gti


Call up HIC (HertsInsurance.com) Speak to Martin, Tell him your a member of GolfGTI.co.uk,


In june 2008 i lost my license for an IN10 with 6 points Penalty (Within my 1st 2 years of driving) and they sorted me an £800 on a heavily modified mk3 GTI :)

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