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ford focus 1.8 petrol...clutch fubard?


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this is for a lady friend ;)


havnt had a chance to look at car myself yet but this is what she told me down the phone...



basically when she drives down her hill near her house (she has to stop at the bottom) she puts in the brake and clutch and apparently the engine startes to rev highly..from what i gather it only does this when cold and is fine aftetr a quick drive


my guess would be the clutch is slipping and maybe starting on its way out? it has done 80 thousend miles.



does that sound about rite or could it be something else? :)

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I thought its when you come off the clutch and start to accelerate, the revs rise and it goes nowhere?



as did i, thats what happned on my pug, it was only on its last legs it did it under braking (mainly engine braking) which has confused me a might...as this has started doing it first...

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