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Rear A.B.S


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Yes the light is illuminated,but have had a look at sensor and its broke,took the bulb out of dash but didnt fool them.


nah it wont do, as they have to check all the lights illuminate then go out once engine is started. I'll ask the tester at work today if i remember

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I wouldn't have thought you could just disconnect the ABS since it is and integral part of the braking system.


Removing the fuse (fuse 21) for it would disable the whole system maybe this is what he means?


You could try the scrap yard for a new sensor shouldn't be more than a tenner..

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Just disconnect the ABS and it'll pass the MOT..



Think you will find if abs is fitted to a vehicle then just disconecting it will not pass!! its fitted as standard the only way to do that is to remove abs system entirley ie valve block sensors and re route the pipes to me it easier to replace the sensor mate! :thumb:

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