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IBM eServer xSeries 225 - 8649-5CG (tower type server)


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This unit is taking up room and we don't use it. We have a xSeries 226 for our projects/studying.


* 1x Intel Xeon 2.80Ghz CPU (upgradable), 2 CPU slots (You could buy another Xeon 2.80Ghz for duel CPU) - 32-bit only as far as I know but runs the 64-Bit 3.00Ghz Xeon CPU from our 226 fine.

* 512mb PC2100 Server DDR RAM (upgradable to 8GB depending on OS) - Might be able to find more ram before sale (but just assume I can't find any) - 4 x PC2100 DDR slots

* Onboard ATI RAGE XL graphics (seems to be on a laptop style memory slot) (AGP Pro slot for upgrades also) - Can throw in a inno3D nVidia GeForce FX5200 128mb for haggling!

* 48x CD-ROM drive - Normal IDE type so upgradable

* 425W ASTEC PSU - IBM OEM unit

* 6x IBM SCSI Ultra320 hot-swap slots with 6x blanking plates - No HDDs for security! - As this was an ex-business unit - They are cheap enough to buy on eBay! - Controller board included with working battery (I forget which ServeRAID version it all is).

* Onboard sound - It's basic, but does the job!

* 2x Rear USB(see faults), 2x Serial ports (useful for Router/Switch console), 1x Parallel, 2x PS-2, 2x Front USB



* No floppy disk drive - If I find one before it's sold then I'll include it!

* One of the rear USB ports bust - Looks repairable, just fiddly!*

* Case has some marks/scratches (will include pictures soon)

* Key for case side panel lost - It is unlocked though! :pancake:

* Original discs lost, all drivers, setup discs can be found via the IBM website looking for xSeries 225>8649>5CG


Looks like:



Exact server model: IBM eServer xSeries 225 8649-5CG


Would make an ideal file/print/email/intranet server for a small business, a small scale web server.

Or even for IT Tutors as a server teaching tool, Students as a learning tool, for projects or just for hobbies!


It might not be a beast of a server but it would probably surprise you to find out a fair few very large car clubs run their sites on servers less powerful than this one!

A fair few businesses use less powerful servers than this also without any issues!


Unit is in Mirfield, West Yorkshire as is available for pick-up or arrange your own courier (It's fairly heavy!)


Price... I have no idea what it's worth! So for the sake of the rules let's say £100 - I will listen to any offer as this unit is taking up valuable space!


ps. I don't want any comments from those not interested in buying this unit... You know, comments like "Ewww... IBM... Shoulda bought a Dell!" :roll:

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*Wonders how much he'd get by weighing this in... seriously it weighs a tonne!*


... Daft offers, 2GB PC5300 (2x1GB preferred) and/or decent Screw-on Skt775 HSF will probably be taken! :cheers:


Someone on another site asked for an internal picture...




May as well post it here too!

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Considering breaking this unit down if there is any interest...

Or wiping 3 HDDs for £45 on top of the server price (3x36.4GB, 10,000RPM) - current ebay price seems to be £11.50 per disc without caddies, £14 per caddy on top (Saving £31.50 on ebay prices)


might take me a while to wipe the discs to a standard I'm happy with... :rolleyes:

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