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slipping cluth and worn power steering rack.


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I wonder if any one could advise me the best way of doing these jobs together. I have a 1.6 1993 XL escort that runs fine but the clutch is in need of replacement but more urgent is the play in the steering rack. When jacked up the nearside wheel has play of about 1/4 inch side movement. Its not the ball joint or track rod end it appears to be the joint in the rack. A certain MOT failure I think.

I don't have a pit but thought I could jack up and block the car so I could work underneath. I have done clutches before but not on escorts, I have read the "H" manual and the rack removal looks fun. Would I be best to do both jobs at the same time.


Thanks for any help.


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Rack removal is a piece of wee as long as bolts come open.


1. jack bothe sides up at front and lower onto axle stands amkinsure they wont be in the way of the subframe bolts.

2.lock steering wheel in the straight ahead position.

3. undo pinch bolt abottom of the column were it joins to the rack and remove the bolt entirly and rotate bracket ot free the rack shaft.

4. remove bothe front wheels and disconnect steering rack ball joint/ trackrod ends.

5 disconnect power steering hoses ( if applicable )

6. remove all retaing bolts wich hold subframe in and lower frame with rack attatched.

7 replace rack assembly ( would advise you to replace antiroll bar bushes if you have one whilst subframe is down as they are pence to buy but absolut b££%$%%d to do when subframe is in place.

8.refit in revese of removal

9 get wheel alignment checked



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Thanks for the offer but I live on the Isle of Wight, that always makes things tricky!

I have just jacked up and supported the body and dropped off the wheels and freed the track-rod ends. The near side steering rack arm has end float and that's my problem I'm sure.

I have found a couple of places to get a recon rack but delivery to the "sunshine Isle" is always a nightmare.

But once again thanks for the offer.

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