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Flash Forward


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na, this month it starts...although channel 5 took such a long break, I would have to remember hard to know what was going on! Way too long a break! Not even BBC took that long a break in between heroes!


your right...just found this > click

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according to US forum their next episodes (11 onwards) started on the 4th March! so we're now behind and gonna be by a couple of weeks at least




not allowed to edit but just found this


FlashForward: What Did You See?Sunday 21 March

11:10pm - 12:10am


Ahead of the US drama's return, this special programme looks back at the first ten episodes of the series.


from the Radio Times tv listings, only go upto 21st march but next couple of days will show the 22nd etc, thats when i guess it'll be back on................March 22nd monday night as usual 9pm ish

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Speaking of Flash Forward, read this





don't you just love incorrect/bad journalism!!!!!! written under the pic from Flash Forward


"In the hit BBC thriller series Flash Forward (pictured) crows fell from the sky, in a spooky incident which mirrored that at Mrs Knight's Somerset house on Sunday"

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