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Cosworth Kitted Mark 6 Shell


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Right. I was going to hold onto this for that one day i am in the position to rebuild it, but times are hard, and having to move out of my girlfriends means i need to clear everything. The car is at my own garage but i just need to clear everything to start a fresh, plus i need the storage space right now.


This is heart breaking to do, but i need to do it :(


So the shell - you all know it, or seen it at some point. When it was at its best it won awards at 5 shows, as featured in 4 magazines and had further pictures or small slots in, in another 9 magazines!


This shell is a project. Below is a list of parts that are on the car.


1996 (N Reg) 3 door shell

cosworth front wings with flushed out indicator holes

cosworth side skirts flushed into the body

cosworth rear quarters, with the proper ones that meet the lower cossie spoiler! and proper flap for petrol filler.

standard suspension,

rear disk beam with everything fitted inc handbrake cable

front suspension assembly (i.e wishbones track rods etc etc)

all glass,

Most of a standard interior except for front seats (but i can put in headrest rear seats) all rubbers for around doors boot etc.

both doors (one is completely flushed out, the other (passenger) still has a handle but flushed lock

1 key

1 keyfob

1 near mint boot aswell as crappy old one.

cat back exhaust system, straight through with 1 rear powerflow silencer


the car from memory would need


engine, loom and ecu with ancinaries

front and rear lights


front bumper

rear bumper

wing mirrors

dash board

steering wheel

front seats

front brakes

respray as bodywork is obviously needed

lower cossie spoiler

set of steelies to roll it out

and loads of other little bits


This is perfect if you have a mot failed or spare escort as a donor car. that then means all you need is bodywork doing then swap the parts you need.


Areas that need attention are just the rear around the boot (behind the rear bumper), with some rust there. and where the boot shuts and the rubber bit touches the body while shutting, that somewhere along the line has had a repair with fibreglass which has cracked, but being a project that shouldnt be too hard.


Im sure there are loads of bits i missed so if you want to know any more either message on here, pm on here or call/text me on 07835 174634


Here's some pic of what it was like the day it got put into the garage, not to have come out agian since (this was 3 months ago) :(








and one showing you just what it used to look like, and could look like again with your work.



As for price, i honestly dont know. The shell itself i understand isnt worth alot, but it has the rear beam, exhaust system, genuine near new ford front wishbones, alot of cosworth kit and the highly sought after rear arches.


Im going to say offers but to satify the rules i'll put £500.


Just contact me however, ask any questions or make an offer.


Obviously needs to be trailored, and needs some wheels.


V5 present with mots tax disks etc and car is on iirc 106k


Thanks for looking. Would be heart breaking to see her go but would be nice to see her live again :)

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Sell the rear beam? What brakes are on it, need boot lid if in good condition and no rust how much mate



I think he wants to sell as a complete shell mate



I remember coming down and seeing this, it was very sad................. i hope someone can restore this it was a sweet motor

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If anyone wants it its still here. not really made much effort to sell it. Offers on it if you want it. PM me if you have any questions. Looking to get rid now. need to give up my garage to save money.
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tez held this shell for me for some time as i was meant to take it when i got back from france but i broke my wrist and had to have an operation so had to save money while off work , now ive found out i require a second operation so i am having to sell my parts to be able to pay bills / live so the shell is unfortunatley back up for sale so please cpntact tez if you are intrested and give it a good home
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blimey, beat me too it!


Was just about to post on this now.


Up for sale, £350 takes it, and with the rear disks, exhaust still on it, the car is going for sod all. Just want it to be used again by someone

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