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Wantd Ford Escort


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i have a radient red si, 95K just on the clock, think i'm the 3rd owner possibly 4th, i'd have to double check the log book.


its not really up for sale but i could do with something with more doors, as i've just had a little boy (well the wife not me lol)


i just cant find anything as good as this for the same sort of money so i was gonna keep it but.....


its just having a new MOT on it now, so not got a up to date pic from today.


this is a few months ago:




its recently had Head gasket, Cam-belt rear wheel bearings, exhaust is fairly new, oil and filter is done reguarly, and a full service was done same time as the head gasket and belt, inc leads, plugs, Fuel, Oil and air filters... So it owes me a few quid just in the last couple months :D.


I'd let it go for £700 with the original triangle wheels, or for £800 you could have the MK6 RS wheels on it.


Im based down in cornwall which is a bit of a treck, but i'm often up in Plymouth if thats any help, and not sure if you are interested or not but it was originally registered arround the Southampton area?

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