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well guys as some of you may know, about 40 days ago i bought that ITB set up with all the management and stuff well finally today it came JOY YAY.


then unwrapping it realised that the ECU has been assembled so thats good but the plugs and loom hasn't :(


made me want to kill my self.


where would i go to get me a loom sorted out i have all the fuses a bazillion different colour wires and some plugs, but what I also have is no electrical knowledge.


so if some one could point me in the right direction where i could get one done and how much it is likely to set me back not looking at getting it done any time soon as I'm strapped for cash back at college now so just some advice would be nice. and the helpful kind preferred I know what some people can be like

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Sure, you can make an adapter to go into your existing loom.



sorry if i'm seeming thick here but it is rocket science to me. in simple terms (obviously i shall research more if it is the case), i get my megasquirt ECU, get some sort of adapter so it is just the same plugging into a OEM ECU? and the existing loom will work on my TB set up? (with correct mapping)

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